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The Biography of John Puckett

After receiving high acclaim and being nominated for album of the year in IP Magazine for his self produced release "Fifteen Minutes in a Dark Room", John moved to Nashville where he continued to record and work full time in the music business. Some of the songs recorded during that time are finally available on the CD entitled 'Center Of Gravity' available on this site for purchase or free download (link) and, of course, at his performances.  The opening track, 'Long Lover's Holiday', was chosen by the listeners of American Idol Underground to be among the top ten best pop-rock songs submitted during 2008.

With the end of his marriage in 2003, John's attention turned to renovating a ninety year old home in Glenshaw, during which time he began writing and recording songs for what became his 2007 CD entitled 'Eclipsed'.  As with his other material, songs from this CD are available for free download exclusively on this website (link) This CD promises to be meaningful to anyone who may have gone through similar experiences in a bad marriage or relationship.

John has two sons, Zachary and Jacob, who are not surprisingly, both fledgling musicians and are already writing and recording music for their band “Second Chapter.  They currently have two CDs available, ‘Out of Control’ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/out-of-control/id609116390 and ‘Gasmasks and Lullabies’ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gasmasks-and-lullabies/id674153415 both of which were produced by John.  Recently, John also produced the first CD by up and coming singer-songwriter Benn T. Wilson entitles ‘An Ear to Listen, A heart to Hear’ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/an-ear-to-listen-a-heart-to-hear/id691310790

In the future, John plans to be doing a lot more independent production work in addition to his own upcoming music releases.  Plans also include some music video work, all of which will be posted on youtube as well as here on the site.  Recently John Posted his first attempt at a music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsjZ0LueuI4 to support a previously unreleased song entitled ‘Tellin Stories’, which incidentally, showcases another side of his writing style in the contemporary folk music genre.

Quotes from letters John has received:

John has performed at our nightclub for more than six years, during which time he remained very popular with the clientele and steadily expanded his audience base. He is an effective entertainer and puts tremendous energy into his performances....
-Vincent Moribito, resteraunt Manager

..'your performance this past Tuesday at the freshman orientation was, as usual, outstanding. It is rare that performers develop a following on our campus as you have. With each performance your following at Washington and Jefferson College has grown in size...'
-Kurt Holmes, Director of Student Activities

..'we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Mr. John Puckett, "performer Extraodinaire". We have asked Mr. Puckett to perform for us on several occasions for such companies as Westinghouse, Heinz, USairways, Copper and Brass Sales, to name just a few..John has quite a special talent for pleasing an audience..a talent which extends beyond just his musical ability..he does an excellent job at getting his audience involved and keeps a high level of interest in what he is going to do next..'
-Barbara Good, Talent Agent

...'John Puckett is an asset to his profession. His performances this summer at Opryland and on WSM AM-FM_TV were received with total pleasure by our audiences. The positive comments that have been passed on to me tells me that John's talents will prevail in his search for success in the music business..'
-W.V. Mansfeld Assistant director of Operations, Gaylord Entertainment
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